Album: Burning Screams Holocaust (2012)

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Song: 02 - Ever Wicked [MP3 320]

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Horror-themed band CHAMBER OF HORRORS was born in late 2001 in Greece. Formed by Vasilis Miltiadis (on vocals, guitars, keys and sampler) and Panos Grim (on vocals and bass), in the beginning of 2002 the band recorded a demo, scoring 8.5 to 10 at the Hellenic METAL HAMMER magazine and 7.5 to 10 at the METAL EAGLE e-zine. However, after internal changes and various reasons came a decade of inactivity period. In 2012, the band returned in a line-up consisted of Vasilis as the sole member and the occasional participation of guest musicians.

CHAMBER OF HORRORS derives inspirations from dark literature and vintage horror movies among other sources. Old castles and abandoned (?) mansions, ghastly crypts, tragic figures with fickle minds and dark desires, apparitions from parallel dimensions and otherworldly monsters, imbue the music with a macabre atmosphere as the band composes their own soundtracks of madness.


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